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Fasary Skincare Products & Imperial Cosmetics
Fasary Skincare Products & Imperial Cosmetics

About FASARY Skincare

FASARY is based on Japan's most advanced biotechnology, which focuses on the structure and principle of skin cells. on.
FASARY uses the natural extracts to produce the most effective, healthy and environmentally friendly skin care products.
FASARY focuses on natural skin care products and believes that only the natural essence is the most effective.

These skin care products work immediately after application.
HEREyou will find all the products in the FASARY Skincare line.

FASARY attaches great importance to obtaining naturally beautiful skin with only a few products and in a short time.

The main component of this product series is brown algae, which originate from the pure French ocean. The Japanese skincare products industry has discovered that the brown algae living in the deep sea not only contain extremely rich collagen, but also various types of amino acids and micronutrients. It is easily absorbed by the human body and provides more moisture to improve the skin. Wrinkles can be reduced, the skin becomes clearer and its flexibility can be restored. These are new generation skincare products, made from natural, safe and healthy ingredients for our skin health.

Jewel of Japanese high technology - the worldwide brand new concept of the environmentally friendly FASARY series. Starting from the small differences and aging factors of the different skin types, FASARY combines the latest research results of microorganisms and marine biology with the basis of the 3rd generation of organic skincare products and for the first time carries out biosynthesis in its products. The 4th generation offers the most direct and gentle skincare with organic skincare products.  

Natural & Healthy Skincare
Made in Japan / Made in Osaka

Skin care products WITHOUT oil, wax, emulsifiers, microplastics, perfume, parabens, paraffin, preservatives & pigments, dyes.

Free of animal experiments

Founder Fasary: Rocky Tam, Imperial Cosmetics: Marina & Jörg, Founder Fasary: Fenfen Liang
Founder Fasary: Rocky Tam, Imperial Cosmetics: Marina & Jörg, Founder Fasary: Fenfen Liang